Glenda Peyton, PGM, GGCCM-IHQ, Chairman

Mary Ann Dixon, PGM

Sherri Hodges , PGM, Grand Lecturer


1. Secret Work Memorized
2. Attend a School of Instruction in its entirety
3. Landmark #1 and 2


1. Secret Work Memorized
2. Attend a School of Instruction in its entirety


1. Where does the Conductress and Associate Conductress stand when the hollow square is formed?

2. How many members does it take open to chapter?

3. Can a chapter meeting be called off?

4. Do you have to have a brother present to open chapter? When does a brother have to be present?

5. Who can recommend a person for membership?

6. Who is on the investigating committee?

7. Can you be an appointed Grand Officer more than once?

8. How long is a demit good for?

9. Who is responsible for setting up the chapter room for a meeting?

10. When are the new officers of a chapter installed?

11. Explain the salutation sign and the Reverent Attitude.

12. What does the fine print tell you in our ritual? What does the large print do?

13. Explain the 4 bows during the proving of a chapter.

14. When can the Worthy Matron be seated?

15. Who is responsible for proving a chapter?

16. How many meetings must a chapter have a year?

17. Who is responsible for opening and closing the door?

18. If an investigating committee fails to report after two meetings, what happens then?

19. Who examines a ballot box?

20. When is the only time that crossing between the altar and the east allowed?

21. How many Landmarks are there? Where are they located?

22. Demonstrate the raps.

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